1. Direct search

Direct search is involves the systematic and targeted search for suitable candidates not specifically in search of a job change and interesting them in an assignment. Using online & traditional networks and database techniques, we identify and approach potential candidates in target organisations.

At the first contact with a potential candidate, Haywood offers general information on the nature of the position. At this stage, Haywood also undertakes a first check against the selection criteria.

2. Media search

Direct search is naturally not always the most effective approach. The generally faster process of media search sometimes offers a more effective solution. But there are also circumstances that demand a combination of both search & selection process. The question of which method is preferable cannot be answered unequivocally. With function, seniority, circumstances on the job market and remuneration all playing an important role, each case is judged separately. Haywood position as intermediary is threshold-reducing factor for candidates.

Should media search be selected, Haywood consults with the client and advertises in the preferred and most suitable for the specific vacancy, media. This may be anonymously or with mention of client name. A vacancy may also be placed on the Haywood website.